Social Media

Social Media Marketing

Social media and marketing for some businesses is a new concept, but if you look at Facebook, you’ll see how many brands have shed traditional marketing strategies and brought on social media marketing as a solution.

Social media provides businesses a unique opportunity to connect and engage with their current and potential client base on a level like never before. Through social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter, companies are able to effectively manage their online reputation and quickly build a core network of supporters for their brand. Through social channels, companies can learn specific tastes and preferences of their consumers, direct users to their website and other pages; and announce new products, promotions, special offers, sales, contests, and giveaways quickly.

Our campaign managers use proper, custom analytics to measure the success of every facet of your campaign. Using strategic digital dashboards, our experts effectively listen to social channels providing brand reputation management and active customer engagement with timely conversations. With your help, GannettLocal researches your brand and its competition to uniquely develop a custom one-to-one relationship between your local business and its local customer. In turn, our social marketing team fuels your business with the power to gain customer loyalty and meet your marketing goals.


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