Partner SEO: Managing to ‘Expectrics’

SEO Expectrics
Don’t get confused by the wrong SEO Expectrics

So we all know how the old saying goes … “The client is always right.” That is, until they’re wrong.

Now hold on. Don’t blow a gasket (old school sales managers everywhere). It is true that the client’s objectives, goals and initiatives always come first, but with digital marketing often times there is a learning curve that must be taken into consideration. This is especailly important early on when setting those ever important baseline expecations. For many a sales staff, this is where trouble lives.

SEO exists in this very tenative state these days. Whether discussing technique, prioritizing strategies or weighting their effects on performance there are any number of vendors, partners (aka ‘experts’) you can find that will give you separate and equally different opinions on all of it. Some may even tell you not to do it at all. That depending on your current footprint or growth objectives, it may be a complete waste of time. Regardless of your own perspective, if it is in your toolbox then you need to know how to correctly set expectations with your SEO clients and how to attribute success towards these measured goals or, as I call them, ‘Expectrics’.

If you can attach value to an action or expecation of service, especailly when working with a client’s SEO program, Expectrics can make your days so much smoother. Depending on their accumen, your clients are looking to you to provide not just an action plan, but the value gained from each step of said plan. (exp. “We currently have an 30 directory link validations estimated for next month. This should provide a 15%-20% growth in authenticated link build from your current state”).

But these goals cannot live in Page Rank alone. Building forthright site traffic goals, establishing syncronized service targeting as well as browser demographic trends are all ways that you can add ongoing value to your SEO efforts for a client. Don’t get painted into a corner by your own Expectrics, make them progressive and based on where your clients website was and is. Building on where it ‘should’ be leaves both you with a house built on the sand.


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