Smartphones Apptly Linked to Facebook Usage

Facebook App Now Installed on 70% of All iPhones

Social networking and smartphones are linked at the hip, a new report out recently shows the obvious connection between Facebook on one of today’s most popular smartphones – Apple’s iPhone. This understanding is based on freshly published data from analyst Benedict Evans of Enders Analysis.

This past September, Evans reports, Facebook kept 470 million users of its smartphone apps, with iPhone acting as a major cog for the social network of over a billion registered users. The iPhone install base during that same time period was close to 200 million, giving Facebook a massive 70% penetration.

In other words, Facebook has much higher penetration in iPhones than Androids: 70% versus 40%. This might be a geographic issue, with Android having higher share in emerging markets with lower Facebook use, but could also reflect the widely observed lower engagement and app quality on Android devices.

“Aggregating this data makes another trend very clear. Use of smartphone apps is surging as a share of Facebook, up from 240 million in September 2011 (30% of the total) to 470 million (44%) in September 2012.”  – Benedict Evans

Check out the full report here.

_Matthew Morris; Consumer Insights Strategist, WUSA9, Washington, DC

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